Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: Do you know who is the author of "XYZ"? I'm looking for a story about so and so. Do you know what the title is or who the author is?

A: I've read hundreds of stories, and unfortunately most of them get jumbled together in my head. If I've read the story you're looking for, I either don't remember reading it or I can't remember the title/author either. Sorry, but I have a very bad memory. My best advice is to do a search on your favorite search engine.

2. Q: I've written a short story. Can you publish it on your site?

A: This site deals only with "classic" stories. Meaning those that have fallen into the public domain. These are stories written before 1923. There are, however, many online "zines" that will gladly publish stories by aspiring writers. Look for them on Yahoo or Google.

3. Q: I've written a short story. Can you read it and comment on it?

A: Sorry. This isn't really the forum for reviewing aspiring author's work. If you are serious about getting feedback on your material, visit the newsgroup "alt.fiction.original". They comment on everybody's work who posts and can be a great source of help.

4. Q: Why don't you add stories by Stephen King, or Ramsey Campbell, or Robert Bloch, etc?

A: These authors are modern day storytellers. They are alive and well, and as such, own the copyright to their own work. Publishing it without their permission is a big no-no.

5. Q: (Not exactly a question) I know of a story that should belong in your collection.

A: Great! Tell me what it is, or if you actually have it in digital format let me know through email.