Classic Horror Short Stories (CHSS) borrows the ideas set forth by Project Gutenberg to preserve the world's greatest literature in electronic form. Although the majority of work in Project Gutenberg's catalog are novels, CHSS sets its goal on developing the greatest collection of short stories anywhere.

As the name implies, CHSS is beginning its quest amassing the largest collection of short stories in the horror genre. Already CHSS has the largest compilation of horror short stories in one location. This collection will continue to grow as time passes.

The objective of having the greatest horror short story collection is by no means small, however, the ultimate goals of CHSS are as follows:
• to present to the world the greatest short story collection of all genres
• to provide affordable (free) online services to all
• overcome problems of unequal access to knowledge and information resources between urban and rural areas
• help build a more productive learning environment
• provide a "one-stop" source for students, faculty staff, researchers, libraries, and individuals, allowing the freedom to interpret, and use the materials for their own needs.

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